Scientific Research

At this moment, I am in the midst of publishing articles based on my doctoral research at the University of Humanistic Studies. For this research we worked in collaboration with the University of Leiden. My research focused on the mental health of professionals who are frequently exposed to potential traumatic events. I've included eight professional groups: military, police, firefighters, as well as specialized nurses working at ambulance, emergency rooms, intensive care units and operating rooms (preoperative and nurse anesthetists). I searched for comparisons and differences in their social environments and their interpersonal connections.

The first publication on this research can be found at here, or at research gate, or on my Linked-In Profile.

Part of my work in science is to serve on the editorial board of scientific journals as a critical evaluative agent in relation to the development and dissemination of research. Doing peer reviews is helping to sculpt and improve the ongoing advance in science.

Since 2013 I have served as an editor on the Dutch Journal for Person-centered and Experiential Psychotherapy (TPeP).